Pyramid Brewery

location:Berkeley, CA
developer:Pyramid Breweries, Inc.

This 120,000 square foot site includes an alehouse with seating for 250 guests, as well as a retail store, display kitchen, and the brewery. Alehouse patrons can see into the brewery through a 25-foot high glass window, where enormous steel tanks are set below grade to showcase their sculptural form. When the client decided to open their first site in California, they selected a vacant factory, located in an industrial area with zoning that would allow them to manufacture their hand-crafted beer and ale. The design maintains the original building’s industrial integrity so that it fits into the surrounding West Berkeley neighborhood, while also enhancing the revitalization of the area.

Awards + Publications

AIA East Bay Merit Award  Pyramid Brewery. Berkeley, CA

Outstanding Adaptive Re-use Award, The Berkeley Architectural Heritage Association - Pyramid Brewery & Alehouse, Berkeley, CA

Award of Excellence, Berkeley Design Advocates, Pyramid Brewery, Berkeley,  CA