Crown Warehouse

location:Emeryville, CA
owner:Intrinsic Ventures

There were two existing buildings on this parcel of land at the corner of 62nd and Doyle Streets, a 10,000 sq ft one-story office building, and a 25,800 sq ft double height industrial warehouse. Due to the conversion of use on the site from industrial to office, 60 parking spaces were required by planning code for this project. In order to satisfy this parking requirement, but preserve as much of the existing structures as possible, only the office building was demolished. In its place, a landscaped parking lot that included two rows of 2-car parking lifts was constructed. This was the first time in the region that such parking lifts had been adapted for use that did not require a wall for anchorage. Due to this innovation, the square footage needed for parking was minimized and it was possible to keep the existing warehouse intact for renovation into efficient multi-tenant incubator spaces for start-up and growing companies. The tenant spaces feature six mezzanines totaling to 4,300 sq ft of new floor space, placed within the spans of the warehouse’s existing wood railroad and bowstring trusses.

Awards + Publications

East Bay Business Times, Structures 2000 – Interior Design of the Year Award Crown Renovation Project. Emeryville, CA