UC Berkeley Campus Shared Services

location:1608 4th Street, Berkeley, CA
owner:University of California, Berkeley
completion:March 2013

Located in Berkeley’s lively 4th Street shopping district, this tenant improvement for the University of California, Berkeley is the new home of the Campus Shared Services (CSS) off-campus center. This 100,000 sq ft renovation is part of the University’s efforts to streamline campus administration and services. Being the original architects to convert the former paint factory to office use, we were enlisted to work closely with the CSS team to design an inviting, fun and colorful environment within the constraints of a limited budget and schedule. The project provides new office space for 600 staff members, open team meeting areas, multiple staff lounges, a fitness center and a conference center on the building’s four floors. Color, signage and graphics are used extensively to bring life to the large open cubicle expanses. Each floor is given a color identity to help ease the relocation of multiple departments from different locations across campus into one building. Poster sized photographs of the campus are hung throughout the spaces allowing the University atmosphere to co-mingle with the industrial language of the existing building.