Bentley School Masterplan

location:Lafayette, CA
owner:Bentley School
completion:April 2002

We were responsible for the campus master plan, and were subsequently asked to design seven new buildings. The first phase of construction was completed in 2004. It includes three new buildings – a student center, gymnasium, and classroom building. The eventual campus build-out called for the addition of four more buildings, as well as a pool and new parking lot. We placed new buildings around a central green, creating usable outdoor space while they also formed a visual and noise barrier from the freeway. We also created a series of buildings that accommodated the long, narrow site and allowed for a multi-phase construction process that worked in concert with ongoing fundraising efforts.

The design for Bentley School creates an optimistic, joyful place of learning that our client acknowledges is the best possible solution for their campus. It is sensitive to the needs of all stakeholders­—including students, faculty, staff, parents, and neighbors—and it addresses the school’s need to support multiple activities and change how spaces are used over time.

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