Stanford Children’s Health Specialty Services Clinic

location:Emeryville, CA
owner:Stanford Children's Health
completion:September 2013

Stanford Children's Health (an affiliate of Stanford’s Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital) selected Kava Massih Architects to provide full design services for a fast paced tenant improvement for their new pediatric orthopedic and cardiology clinic in Emeryville. The 12,400 SF clinic is located within a 1940’s warehouse, and spans two completely different building types. An expansive reception room greets parents and their children. High steel framed clerestories fill the space with natural light. The use of suspended “shell-like” light fixtures create a canopy feeling at the reception desk, bringing warmth and a human scale to the grand entry.

The waiting areas were designed to appeal to a wide age range of children from preschoolers to teenagers. Central to the main waiting area is a giant toy shipwrecked boat play structure complete with interactive features that are ADA accessible to all patients and visitors. Under-the-sea icons such as sand dollars, submarines and an aquarium convey comfort, intrigue and interest. Program elements combine Pediatric Orthopedics and Cardiology into a single facility by creating two zones connected by a central shared exam room pod. Planning for these services included separate elements for each and where possible combined support services for overall staff efficiencies. The Orthopedics program required two different radiology rooms, a two-bed casting room, a physical therapy room, and a dedicated four-room exam pod. Cardiology also houses its own exam room pod as well as an EKG room, three echo rooms and its own intake room. Support services for the clinic include administrative offices; a call center, a conference room and staff lounge to serve their dedicated staff.

Awards + Publications

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