Oakmore Townhomes

location:Oakland, CA
owner:Oakmore Properties
completion:July 2018

Kava Massih Architects was approached by the Gaubert family to design residential units on two empty lots in the established Oakmore Highlands neighborhood. The Gaubert family has a very long and deep rooted connection to this neighborhood. Our goals was to design a structure that would add value to the neighborhood on many levels. The Oakmore Highlands neighborhood consists of both single family homes and multi-family residential buildings of various ages with many predating the 40’s. One of these includes a four unit residential building built in 1939 and designed by Noel Gaubert, a well-known architect and member of the family.

This multi-family residence consists of three townhouses – a two-story three-bedroom unit and two three-story two-bedroom units. Through thoughtful use of scale, form, and material, the modern design offers a contextual connection to the surrounding neighborhood that hosts architectural styles ranging from Mediterranean to French and Spanish Revival. White washed stucco offers a familiar color and texture while the wood siding and steel accents introduce warmth and visual interest. Overhangs, trellises, and a feature window box provide shading in conjunction with reflective roofing to mitigate heat gain. The mansard roof echoes the adjacent French Revival but steps down towards the street corner to respond to the scale of the surrounding homes. The curved west façade accentuates the triangular site, reminiscent of the local winding streets. Private decks are carved from the upper story to provide outdoor space while compositionally interrupting the length of the façade.

Photo Credits: Tubay Yabut Photography