Senior Center Renovation - H.A.R.D.

location:Hayward, CA
owner:Hayward Area Recreation and Park District
completion:February 2021 Est.

Kava Massih Architects was recently chosen for the modernization project of Hayward Area Recreation and Park District’s Senior Center. The building is surrounded by stunning Japanese style garden spaces in the Hayward foothills. The 11,500 square foot building was constructed in 1975 and over the years was updated as funds became available. The modernization project will update the program spaces to better accommodate the evolved needs of the seniors it serves.

The renovation will update the programmatic needs as well as make the spaces more inviting, modern and improve its functionality by possibly expanding the lobby, gift shop and other resource spaces. The project aims to help meet the current and future demands for recreation programs, special events and rental opportunities.

Improvements to the infrastructure are also planned including new lighting, new HVAC system, ceiling fans, window replacement with screens, interior finishes including new flooring, room partitions, cabinetry replacement, security system upgrades including installation of cameras, mechanical and plumbing upgrades, new ceilings, ADA access barrier removal, and seismic upgrades.