AgeWell PACE Center

location:Roehnert Park, CA
completion:November 2022

The AgeWell PACE Center, a partnership between LifeLong Medical Care and Santa Rosa Community Health, is partnering with Kava Massih Architects to renovate a 23,000 SF commercial space located at 5798 State Farm Drive in Rohnert Park, CA to exclusively support seniors living in their homes. Through thoughtful design and planning, the Agewell PACE Center's facilities will reduce the likelihood of transfer to a nursing facility. The renovation will ensure that key service branches such as Administration, Support, Health Clinic, Daycare Center and Physical/Occupational Therapy will have adequate space to conduct their business while keeping in mind ease of use and mobility restrictions for the patients. Notably, the clinic will be an OSHPD 3 Primary Care Clinic. Site construction is expected to begin Spring 2022, with completion in November 2022.