UCB Pat Brown's Grill

location:Berkeley, CA
owner:University of California, Berkeley
completion:March 2012

The Pat Brown Grill renovation was a complete overhaul of an outdated restaurant on the UC Berkeley campus. The 2,500 sq ft restaurant includes a foodservice kitchen area, seating and Peet’s Coffee service bar. The new interiors have a seating area that evokes a skate board ramp with multiple bench seating along the window wall. The renovated restaurant is inviting as well as functional, with improved lighting design, a digital TV menu, signage, floor treatment and the replacement of all counters. We also replaced all food service equipment, installed cold food storage and upgraded all electrical, lighting, plumbing, accessibility, life and safety. This project received LEED Gold Certification.

Awards + Publications

Illumination Awards - Award of Merit, The Illumination Engineering Society of North AmericaPat Brown's Grill, University of California, Berkeley.