Health Sciences Building

location:Oakland, CA
owner:Children’s Hospital Oakland

The Health Sciences Building at Children's Hospital Oakland is a unique diagnostic facility, designed to provide non-invasive testing for patients with blood disorders. The 1,930 square foot building was specifically designed to house an extremely sensitive piece of medical equipment, known as a ferritometer which requires an environment that is free from vibration and magnetic fields, and can’t be anywhere near metal that contains iron. Our challenge was to design a building with no iron-bearing material, which met seismic safety standards. We searched for affordable, non-metallic alternatives. For example, the anchor bolts used to attach the building to its foundation are carbon fiber. To protect the ferritometer from even the smallest vibration, the machine sits on its own 3-foot-thick slab. In addition, the building feels inviting through the use of 20-foot ceilings and large clerestory windows, so all 10 rooms are filled with natural light.

Awards + Publications

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