location:San Joaquin Valley, CA

The design strives to carve repose out of the very fabric of the highway. Visitors experience a complete removal from the highway as the exit ramp is disconnected from the on ramp that returns them to the flow of traffic, creating a space defined by a landscaped boundary. In this space of repose travellers are able to rejuvenate, relax and learn about the lands they so often flow through at great speeds. By embedding the building into the landscape as opposed to resting atop it, the design minimizes its footprint and the rest stop embraces the earth and the great agricultural tradition so important to the central valley. Nestled into the ground the project provides relief from the noise, heat and transient nature of Highway 99, planting a “seed” into the site that will continue to evolve and endure over time. Visitors are able to learn about the agricultural heritage, planting patterns and the continuous struggle to maintain sufficient irrigation that characterizes the central valley.