8th Street Lofts

location:Berkeley, CA

A vacant lot in a city is an unusual thing, and three adjacent lots are practically unheard of, which is why they caught the eye of three architects. Together, the architects purchased the lots, and each took on their own residential project.

Our firm designed four 3-story residential units for the narrow center site (145’x45’), which offered the best design challenge. Ultimately, the final product complements the two neighboring buildings, while simultaneously carving out its own unique space.

Each unit has an individual entry, and recessed common garages are located under the courtyard. The unit facing the street is given privacy by a series of bamboo plants located behind a framed fence composed of stainless steel mesh and unfinished steel. This unit also has a recessed entry clad in aluminum. The middle units have large private wood decks above the garage, while the end units have large windows outward. All the third floors have a single-person wood deck, which provide light to the stairwell, cross ventilation, and space to enjoy the bamboo garden.

Photo Credits: Patricia Chang

Awards + Publications

Berkeley Design Advocates Award. 8th Street Lofts, 3 live/work units. Berkeley, CA