City Limits

location:Emeryville, CA
developer:Pulte Homes, Inc.
completion:Spring 2004

This market-rate housing project straddles the Oakland/Emeryville border, with 92 townhouse units ranging in size from 1,200 to 1,500 square feet. It is built on the site of a former auto-parts manufacturing plant and as part of the approval process, we were required to incorporate a portion of the manufacturing plant’s masonry façade into our design. The project consists of 18 buildings, with 8 different floor plans that respond to the irregularly shaped 3-acre site. The larger units include 300 square feet of office/work space on the ground floor. Each unit has a sheltered front porch just off the sidewalk, supporting a steel and cedar balcony above. All units have private parking garages, with an additional 39 diagonal parking spaces on the street. Units located on the interior of the project open onto central interior “paseos,” which are landscaped pedestrian walkways raised four feet above grade.

Awards + Publications

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