Glashaus Lofts

location:Emeryville, CA
developer:Pulte Homes, Inc.
completion:June 2008

This 145-unit condominium project is organized around landscaped semi-public courts, walkways and drive aisles creating a cohesive community-oriented development. It is located on a corner lot that faces Hollis and 65th Streets, two main roads of Emeryville. A 4-story (over basement) podium building sits on Hollis Street,addressing a more urban feel. A larger massing with retail is located at the corner of Hollis and 65th. As the site moves to the east, the massing of the site steps down to 3-story buildings to address the residential scale of the neighborhoods to the east as well as to provide a more pedestrian friendly scale adjacent to the planned Greenway at the east edge of the site. The Greenway at the east end of the site has units with pedestrian access.

Awards + Publications

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