The Shipyard - Blocks 53 & 54

location:Hunters Point Shipyard, San Francisco, CA
developer:Lennar Urban
completion:Spring 2015

The project developer, Lennar Urban, approached KMA to design a development of 157 residential units on 2 blocks in San Francisco’s Hunters Point neighborhood. The overall Lennar development, on the site of the former Hunter’s Point Naval Shipyards, includes upwards of 10,000 new units of housing. The eleven buildings are a combination of townhouse style units and stacked flats. Units vary in size from 1-bedrooms to 3-bedrooms and range in size from 602 to 1404 square feet.

The buildings are a conglomeration of parts that are held together through their overall design strategy and materiality. The street wall is maintained at the corners of the blocks to provide a strong identity, while at the pedestrian level, the entries to the units are stepped back to provide more open corners for pedestrians. We provided additional planting space at the sidewalk level at some locations where the buildings stepped back, creating a better pedestrian experience.

Overall, the general design and layout of the blocks orient the buildings to maximize views and access to natural light. The interior spaces of the units are designed to be efficient in size while maximizing utility. This provides for generous units while not overbuilding (conserving on resources during construction and when the units are occupied). The open spaces have been designed to maintain the view corridors while also maintaining security and some privacy for the homeowners. The view corridors and gaps between the buildings are opportunities for potential art locations in the form of fences and grillework.

The project has a total of 86 bicycle parking spaces spread out among all the buildings. Private secured parking is provided for each unit with an average ratio of 1.35 spaces per unit. There are a total of 212 covered on-site parking spaces on both blocks with approximately 42 on-street parking spaces. All of the townhouse type units have two parking spaces.

This project is currently under construction.